Music theory education software for guitar, banjo and mandolin players.

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Limited time offer.  Buy any of the programs offered here for $19.95. is dedicated to providing educational software for players of fretted musical instruments.

Many people who begin playing fretted instruments stop very soon.  Others play for a long time without attaining a level of proficiency they are pleased with.  There are many reasons for this, including the fact that learning most musical instruments can by nature be time consuming, difficult, and sometimes frustrating.

A common problem for many beginning and intermediate players is that they have difficulty developing a working understanding as to how music theory applies to the instrument.  They may not even understand the effect which having this level of understanding can have on the quality of their playing.  Also, the amount of enjoyment in playing an instrument can be greatly increased when the player has an understanding of how the instrument 'works'.

Essentially, having an understanding of the fretboard of an instruments can change the way the player relates to the instrument.  No longer does one have to be limited by one's understanding.  Instead, the understanding allows the player to become liberated to experiment and improvise.

The software offered here was created specifically with the goal of providing a straightforward and relatively easy method of learning the way music theory applies to fretted instruments.  Additionally the software is an extensive reference for displaying a wide variety chords and scales.

It is hoped that products available here will enhance peoples' enjoyment and appreciation for their instrument.

All products available at are available for puchase exclusively from Fretsoft and are not available from any other source.




                           Understanding the Guitar Neck

                           Understanding the Mandolin Neck

                           Understanding the 5 String Banjo Neck