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Warren Kennison    Many thanks to Warren Kennison for his encouragement and advice on this software project, without which the project would never have been started.  Warren is well known amongst Denver, Colorado folk and bluegrass fans.  Warren participated with Earl Scruggs in the creation of 'Earl Scruggs and the 5 String Banjo'.   

Harold Streeter     Harold plays and teaches Guitar, Mandolin, Banjo and Bass.  His is particularly well known to banjo players, having written many articles for Banjo Newsletter.   He has a large library of educational material and tablature available at his web site.  Thanks to Harold for many years of patience, encouragement and great educational material.

Jack Williams     Some of the ideas contained in the software offered here evolved from a workshop given by Jack Williams.  Jack travels the country playing concerts of his wonderful original music and giving workshops.  Be sure to check his tour schedule and see him perform if you can. 

John William Davis     John is a Colorado based songwriter and performer.  John is a 2004 Kerrville New Folk Winner as well as being the recipient of many other awards.  Many thanks to John for his friendship, encouragement, and assistance creating the software offered here.  

Charlie Provenza     Charlie is also based in Colorado and is well known among local musicians and music lovers.  All I can say is that Charlie's musical talent, skills and musical judgement are truely inspiring.  Charlie and his frequent playing partner Billy Byrd provided significant advice and encouragement with the software available here.

Brandy Herbert     Brandy is a wonderful Colorado based jazz guitarist.  Many thanks to Brandy for her advice and encouragement.  Be sure and check out the sound samples and bio on her web site.

Jeff Scarborough     Jeff is a relatively recent addition to the Colorado music scene, having spent 27 years as a network cameraman.  Thanks to Jeff for his advice and encouragement.  Jeff is the author of September's Camerar's Camera about his experiences during the September 11, 2001 World Trade Center attack.  September's Camera is available at Jeff's web site.

Tony Oswald     Tony is a well known fisherman, journalist, photographer, web designer and musician.  Many thanks to Tony for his help and advice on the creation of this web site.