Understanding the 5 String Banjo Neck
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"Sometimes I get frustrated and bored with the way I play banjo! I do the same old licks in G, D, or C with the occasional minor. Yeah, I can play complex songs I learned from tablature, but there's no escaping the fact that I'm stuck in a rut. My friends who play guitar, violin, and even mandolin seem to be able to branch out more easily into many kinds of music. But it's almost as if the banjo has me trapped into this narrow little band of things that I do over and over and over and over....  HELP!"

Almost anybody who has ever played banjo for any length of time has come to this point of frustration. And much of this frustration is simply the result of never learning the arrangement of notes on the banjo neck. Because players don't know the notes up and down the neck, and how they combine to make chords, scales, and modes, they find it hard to branch out of tried and ultimately tired ways of playing the banjo. The five-string banjo is a wonderful instrument capable of a wider degree of expression than many players are able to find.
For this reason 'Understanding the 5 String Banjo Neck' was created.  It is a computer program designed to help banjo players stuck in a few well worn ruts become musicians who are capable of playing many different kinds of music all up and down the banjo neck in any number of keys. The banjo is not the problem. It's simply your present lack of understanding of the banjo neck.  If you put in time with this program, you will soon gain a much greater understanding of your banjo and find yourself playing far afield from those tired old ruts that are boring you silly.

What will 'Understanding the 5 String Banjo Neck' do for me?”

u   'Understanding the 5 String Banjo Neck' will teach you to understand the way music theory applies to the 5 string banjo neck in 'G' tuning.  Gaining this understanding will increase the enjoyment you get from your instrument and significantly decrease the frustration experienced  by many in learning the instrument. 

u   The program will teach you a straightforward, and easy way to learn the location of all the notes and major chords on the banjo neck.  This is a first and essential step step to gaining an  understanding of the fretboard.



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